What factors will affect the performance of fluorine-lined valves?

Fluorine-lined valve not only bears the internal pressure of the fluid, but also bears the stress of the pipeline, the gravity of the sphere and other additional forces. The design must consider tightness and strength. corrosion, manufacturing process and other factors.

The formula of the existing ball valve body is an improvement of the pressure vessel formula. In most cases, the ball valve is regarded as a pressure vessel. However, the shape of the ball valve body is much more complicated than the shape of the pressure vessel. Even if the valve body is the same, not only the shapes of different types of ball valve bodies are different, but also the size of each part of the fluorine-lined valve is completely different. It's not the same. It is difficult for traditional methods to calculate different parts of different shapes and sizes separately, so they are usually considered to have the same thickness.

fluorine lined valves are used to control corrosive or highly corrosive media. The internal cavity of the valve is covered with various fluoroplastics, making it suitable for various operating temperatures and fluid pipelines. It has high strength and corrosion resistance. The lined fluorine valve has two functions, a switch and a flow regulator. The gas path can be opened and closed easily without affecting the flow, thus ensuring the repeatability of the flow. Due to the slow opening speed, the instantaneous pressure in the pipeline has less influence on the equipment. The damper greatly extends the service life of the fluorine-lined valve.