How to store fluorine lined valves?

Fluorine-lined valves are suitable for highly corrosive gases and liquids at high temperatures. Other types of steel-plastic composite or metal tubes are not suitable for transport media, steel PTFE complex. All pipes are applicable.

fluorine lined valve how to store?

valve has a unique strong corrosive medium capacity, can be used for a variety of valves and pressure vessels.

1. When storing the fluorine-lined ball valve, please store it in a dry room, avoid direct sunlight and rain, and avoid accumulating it near a heat source to prevent the fluorinated plastic from aging and deforming.

2. Valves stored and kept shall have records (valve name, model, specification, number, quantity, storage date, etc.).

3. Both ends of the sealing surface of the fluoroplastic flange have protective covers to prevent scratches on the sealing surface. When stacking, make sure that no pressure is applied to the sealing faces of the flanges at both ends. The basic series of

fluorine-lined valves is Q41F46, which is divided into two-piece and three-piece structure types. In addition to low fluid resistance, the opening and closing speed is also very fast. If we all store valves, we can choose ball valves according to the above selection method.